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What Uniform is Required


Correct uniform is an essential part of dance as it allows the student to feel like a dancer therefore allowing them to dance like a dancer. Uniform also ensures students look neat and are in the correct attired for each dance discipline. It also creates the feeling of being part of a community when wearing the Oak Tree Dance Uniform,

A list of what uniform should be worn for each dance discipline and grade can be found below.


How To Order Uniform

Orders can be placed using the online form below. Once the order is placed an invoice will be sent and payment is required within 48 hours.


All uniform orders are collated and processed weekly.  Items in stock will be prepared and will be available at your next dance class - check near the admin tin.  Non stock items will be ordered on a Friday and will be available ASAP.

Please note: the uniform order form is being built at the moment and will be available very soon. In the meantime please print a uniform order form or ask for one at the studio.

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