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BBO Dance Examinations

Children at Oak Tree are invited to participate in dance examinations. These are not compulsory but we find that children enjoy taking part in the exams and it provides a sense of accomplishment after working hard on their syllabus work. Dance exams are great for boosting confidence and promoting discipline too.

Students are entered for BBO examinations on several dates throughout the year.  Dance examinations cover correct technical training, theory, performance value and confidence building, all of which are required to become a competent and accomplished dancer.  All pupils entered for their exams must attend ‘exam classes’, these are usually held 6-8 weeks before the exam date on Fridays in the small exam groups they shall be examined with.  I aim to give as much information with regards to the cost of the exam and exam class schedule as quickly as I can. Exams are taken from grade Pre-Syllabus onwards.

Performance Opportunities

We put on a spectacular show every 2 years in our local theatre, with tickets going on sale for family and friends to purchase.  All students really enjoy taking part in what is truly the highlight of their working year and a chance to show off their talents!

Pupils must attend their weekly classes during showtime so as to not miss vital choreography.  We will have a dress rehearsal at the theatre just before the show dates and all pupils must attend this.  Pupils must purchase their costumes for the show (one per each dance number); these can be sold on once we have had the show photoshoot.

At Oak Tree Dance Studio we believe in providing every child with many dance opportunities to allow them to grow in confidence and technique but to ultimately make memories for them.  To view some of our pupils achievements please click here.

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